Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Blogging an effective medium for creating website traffic

It's fairly amazing how quickly page rank and search engine rankings can be created by creating a blog and, seems to be the king of the blog world. I do have my own personal blogs, at a couple others on my other domain names; however they do not seem to be as effective as the blogs I have at The reason that this is great for website traffic and higher search engine ranking is because I link into all of my domains from my blogger website and I link all of my domains together as well. Meaning that I do not have to keep, optimizing to achieve page rank because I share the page rank from each site.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Awesome linking strategy

What if getting links was easy, what if they weren't reciprocal links
but instead one way links. This actually possible and quite easy. The first
step you need to do is create a title for your website, in notepad and
a discription of it. Then create a list of keywords and add the url to notepad.
The following site has over 200 directories listed in alphabetical order.

Free Directory Submission

You can submit your website to all 200 of these directories for free, imagine if
each one just average 10 unique visitors to your site per day. Thats over 2000 unique
page views, Thats pretty incredible for only an hour of two worth of copying and pasting. Best of all once your done it's a sit and forget approach to gaining a web pressence.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Blogs: Usefull of Useless

Today I was pondering the usefullness of blogs, obviously they have thier high points, one being that there are no special skills required to write one. No html knowledge or advance scripting, if you can type you can blog. Down side, any idiot with an idiotic opinion can express it. Truly do support the freedom of speech, for most; however, there are the occasional few that should be prohibited from speaking. The second downfall and the main downfall of this article or post, on websites they are referred to as article is that people tend to rant and rave about some particular insignificant aspect that really amounts to little value. Positive side, two way communication is possible which is not possible or not easily possible from websites, forums have a dull feel to them and require user authentication for each and everyone of them. Where as at blogger if you sign up for an account you can post to an endless number of blogs under the same id.


Creating websites and making them useful

I've been writing websites for about 4 years now; it can be pretty time consuming and horribly dull. Needless to say that it is quite easy to make it through a pack of cigarrettes and a pot of coffee in one eventful evening of publishing. If anyone has some insight or would like to post information pertaining to webmasters resources feel free to leave a comment here. Please reasonable post only, no offensive content.


More linking Strategies

Create More links back to your website by listing them
with over 1000 free to submit directories. These directories
allow free listing without requiring a reciprocal link

Sunday, August 28, 2005


Free one way Links

Get free one way link submissions at the directory. They have over 100 plus directories and growing. One way links are the most effective search engine linking strategies. don't be penalized by bad linking partners.

Alternative Keyword Directory

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